Gynecor Adds New State-of-the-Art Lab Technology

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Gynecor, a division of Bostwick Laboratories, Inc., adds new state-of-the-art lab technology to help physicians identify patients at risk for cervical cancer, improve treatment decisions


Orlando, Florida – Gynecor, a division of Bostwick Laboratories, Inc. an anatomical pathology and molecular testing laboratory, has made an investment in advanced laboratory technology to help physicians know more about a patient’s condition and to help them identify which patients are at risk for certain diseases, such as cervical cancer, to help improve patient treatment decisions. The new analyzer, called the cobas® 4800 system, performs DNA-based tests that physicians order for their patients. The first test to be run on the system is the cobas HPV (Human Papillomavirus) Test, a new cervical cancer screening test recently approved by the FDA. Intended for women 30 and older, the test pinpoints whether they have HPV 16 or 18—the two types that cause 70% of cervical cancers—along with the 12 other high-risk types, to help their doctor identify their personal risk. “This new technology will enable us to offer more information to our physicians and patients about women at the highest risk for cervical cancer,” said Dr. Deloar Hossain, Director of Molecular Diagnostics, Bostwick Laboratories. “It provides three test results right up front, so the clinician and patient don’t have to wait for the results of one test to see if another is needed. This gives us one more way to help physicians improve the quality of their patient care.” The new equipment also requires less hands-on time than many comparable systems and needs minimal daily maintenance, so it will help to free up staff to spend time on more critical needs. “This implementation of the cobas® 4800 system shows Bostwick Laboratories’ and Gynecor’s continued commitment to providing state of the art testing to the field of diagnosing and treating cervical diseases and conditions,” said Rob Shovlin, Chief Development Officer. “We’re very excited to add this testing capability to our outstanding pathological and molecular service offering,” he added.

Bostwick Laboratories recently unveiled the new cobas 4800 system at a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by lab and hospital employees. Pictured from left to right are: Dr. Deloar Hossain, Director of Molecular Diagnostics, Bostwick Laboratories, Adam Jacobowitz, Vice President of Marketing, Bostwick, Carol Hausrath, Marketing Manager cobas® 4800, CT/NG & HPV, Roche Molecular Diagnostics, Glorisselle Montalvo, Lead Medical Technologist, Bostwick, Jed Fulk, Vice President of Sales, Bostwick, Martha Najib, Molecular Account Manager, Roche, Angela Gonzales, Molecular Supervisor, Bostwick, Brad Joiner, Southeast Regional Business Manager, Roche and Jim Floberg, Vice President of Molecular Diagnostics, Roche.