Endometrial Cancer

The American Cancer Society surveillance data* shows that endometrial cancer is the most common female genital tract malignancy and is the 4th most common cancer (behind lung, breast and colon) in women.

  • Over 42,000 new cases will be diagnosed in 2009
  • An estimated 7,780 deaths are expected in 2009 (almost twice as many as cervical cancer!)
  • The chance of a woman having endometrial cancer is about 1 in 40

An estimated 30% of all OB/GYN visits involve abnormal uterine bleeding. To determine the cause of bleeding, an endometrial biopsy and other tests may be performed, but conventional biopsy methods often cause great discomfort for the patient. Why go through unnecessary pain and anxiety when there is a better way?

Using a series of soft bristle brushes, Gynecor’s TruTest™ is a quick and comfortable way to collect an endometrial biopsy right in the physician’s office. TruTest will also test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, which are often ordered with endometrial biopsies.

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* American Cancer Society; Cancer Facts & Figures 2009