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"I recently discovered Gynecor TruTest EMB and diagnosed uterine cancer in a very anxious patient. The simple brush device helped me obtain a sample painlessly and without difficulty. The easiest part was the procedure after I calmed the patient down. I received a call about the result from the pathologist quickly. I am impressed with what Gynecor offers!"
Michael J. Heard, M.D.
Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Obstetrics and Gynecology

Cervical Histology

Gynecor’s Cervical Biopsy kit provides 4 vials of our proprietary NuFix fixative for collection of cervical and/or endocervical specimens. Gynecor also offers the SpiraBrush CX and SoftBiopsy collection devices which can be purchased through Client Services. Both are minimally invasive devices shown to be better tolerated by patients. For more information on these devices, please request information from one of our Territory Business Managers, or visit

Specimens collected by traditional punch forceps can also be submitted; the choice is up to the clinician.

Endocervical specimen may also be submitted in the following ways:

ECB (Endocervical brushing) Collection - Histology and Cytology

  • Gynecor’s ECB is a more gentle method using a brush to gently take a specimen sample from the endocervical canal and is overall more comfortable for the patient1
  • Studies show an ECB may be more effective than an ECC.1
  • Gynecor’s propriety NuFix allows for cytology, as well as histology, to be run for a more diagnostic result. The brush heads must be returned in the vial.
  • Endocervical specimen sent in the NuFix vial allows for HPV testing

ECC (Endocervical Curettage)

  • For endocervical specimen collected by traditional curette, histology only is performed.
  1. Maksem, John A. "Endocervical curetting vs. endocervical brushing as case finding methods." Diagnostic Cytopathology. 34.5 (2006): 313-316. Print.