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"I recently discovered Gynecor TruTest EMB and diagnosed uterine cancer in a very anxious patient. The simple brush device helped me obtain a sample painlessly and without difficulty. The easiest part was the procedure after I calmed the patient down. I received a call about the result from the pathologist quickly. I am impressed with what Gynecor offers!"
Michael J. Heard, M.D.
Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Obstetrics and Gynecology

TruTest® Endometrial Brush Biopsy

Order clippers for TruTest Gynecor’s TruTest® Endometrial Biopsy utilizes the FDA cleared Tao Brush™. This simple in-office procedure collects endometrial specimen from a gentle brushing of the uterus and an endocervical sample from cytobrushes for a complete picture of the patient’s uterine health. Both cytology and histology are performed on each specimen. The endometrial sample collected by the Tao Brush™ has proven to be a well-tolerated method of specimen collection.

TruTest® Benefits

  • The endometrial sampling of the uterine surface can be completed in minutes, right in-office
  • Gynecor’s NuFix™ fixative allows cytology to be correlated with histology for a more diagnostic result
  • TruTest is particularly effective for high-risk patients, ie, atrophic or post-menopausal
  • Endocervical sampling allows diagnosis of abnormalities high in the endocervical canal that are sometimes missed

Tao Brush™ Benefits

  • The Tao Brush™ is a patented device and is FDA cleared for both endometrial histology and cytology sampling
  • To ensure proper specimen collection, a sound mark is provided on the brush to indicate a 6.5 cm depth verification
  • The brush has a protective sheath which minimizes sample contamination and movement to reduce patient discomfort during the procedure
  • The brush covers a wide area of the uterine surface, so small or localized spots of cancer are less likely to be missed
  • The Tao Brush™ has a 95.5% sensitivity rate and 100% specificity for detection of endometrial cancer*

* G Del Priore, R Williams, CB Harbatkin, LS Wan, K Mittal, GC Yang. Endometrial brush biopsy for the diagnosis of endometrial cancer. Journal of Reproductive Medicine, Volume 46, Issue 5, May 2001