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"The first three Gynecor specimens which were submitted (all high-risk situations) came back adenocarcinoma - one papillary and grade 1 type were exact to path specimens from surgical specimens."
Susan L. Redmond, M.D.
Dr. Redmond & Dr. Hughston, Harlingen, TX

Dedicated to Improving Patient Care

With patient comfort in mind, Gynecor provides alternatives to standard GYN biopsy devices, utilizing the gentle medicine of brush-based biopsy. The following devices may be purchased from Client Services:

(1 Tao Brush, 2 cytobrushes,
and 2 Nufix vials)

TruTest Endometrial Biopsy Kit - $12.50 each

  • Less traumatic, better tolerated by patients
  • Simple to use, efficient two minute collection time
  • Samples a substantial portion of endometrial tissue without excessive manipulation
  • With endocervical sampling, presents a complete picture of uterine health

Soft-Biopsy Cervical Biopsy Device - $3.50 each

  • Easy to use
  • Minimally invasive fabric device
  • Less traumatic, less bleeding
  • Better tolerated by patients
  • Provides abundant epithelial tissue samples

SpiraBrush CX Cervical Biopsy Brush - $5.00 each

  • Easy to use
  • Minimally invasive, less traumatic, less bleeding
  • Reduces patient need for Monsels or silver nitrate
  • Full thickness transepithelial tissue samples

To order brushes, call our Client Services Department at 866.649.4246, or email us.