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"My patient had a history of post menopausal bleeding and had an abnormal Pap. The Pipelle came back with insufficient tissue. A D&C Hysteroscopy was done in the O.R., but that also came back with insufficient tissue. Lastly, I tried the Tao Brush and got a successful diagnosis off of cytology."
Marlo Carter M.D.
Women’s Wellness Healthcare Associates, Limerick, PA

Remote Printing

Gynecor may provide active clients with a remote color laser printer. Installation, maintenance and ink cartridges are also provided to active clients.

Remote Printing Features

  • Final reports with full-color photomicrographs that batch print every hour
  • No physician logon required

Remote Printing Support and Service

  • Work with the pathology sales representative you know and trust for all setup and service needs
  • Technical support staff is available at 877.239.1888