Patient Focused, Pathology Driven

We extend premium service to gynecologists and oncologists. Our veteran pathologists and cytopathologists provide reliable, accurate and prompt interpretations. Our pathologists are available for consultation on difficult cases and will call the physician’s office on cancer diagnoses.

With “the patient above all else” as our core value, Gynecor’s early detection and diagnosis of gynecologic diseases allows you to proactively fight against cancer and other women’s health issues. We have specially-trained pathology sales representatives and a dedicated client service department to ensure that each of your specimens is treated with the highest priority.

Your patients put their trust in you. Trust Gynecor to report the most comprehensive and accurate test results possible.

Premium Test Menu

Only Gynecor offers the TruTest™ Endometrial Brush Biopsy, which uses a simple brushing technique to sample the uterus, and UteroFISH™, the only FISH test available for detecting uterine cancer. Read more on Gynecor’s other premium test offerings.

Our Core Values

  • The Patient Above All Else
  • Our People Are Our Strength
  • Absolute Integrity
  • Constant Pursuit of Excellence