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"The TruTest is easier to use, minimal failure rate, minimal patient discomfort and less expensive to use."
Shroff K.J., M.D.

Dedicated to Improving Patient Care

With patient comfort in mind, Gynecor provides alternatives to standard GYN biopsy devices, utilizing the gentle medicine of brush-based biopsy. The following devices may be purchased from Client Services:

(1 Tao Brush, 2 cytobrushes,
and 2 Nufix vials)

TruTest Endometrial Biopsy Kit - $12.50 each

  • Less traumatic, better tolerated by patients
  • Simple to use, efficient two minute collection time
  • Samples a substantial portion of endometrial tissue without excessive manipulation
  • With endocervical sampling, presents a complete picture of uterine health

Soft-Biopsy Cervical Biopsy Device - $3.50 each

  • Easy to use
  • Minimally invasive fabric device
  • Less traumatic, less bleeding
  • Better tolerated by patients
  • Provides abundant epithelial tissue samples

SpiraBrush CX Cervical Biopsy Brush - $5.00 each

  • Easy to use
  • Minimally invasive, less traumatic, less bleeding
  • Reduces patient need for Monsels or silver nitrate
  • Full thickness transepithelial tissue samples

To order brushes, call our Client Services Department at 866.649.4246, or email us.